Agro Taskmanager Mobil is application for mobile device which can create and pass tasks for agricultural work. It can be used for tracing, navigation and reporting for work done. The application is connecting with Agro Taskmanager Office via two way online connection.


Agro Taskmanager office is a system for tracing out land, giving tasks to work, reporting work done and invested resources. With Agro Taskmanager Office you can plan, track and account your field work. It is related with the android application Agro Taskmanager Mobil.  


Easy for use at any time mobile application for visualizing the borders of the land on map. Application for android mobile devices at the lowest cost.



Agricultural map is an application for tracing and visualizing the borders of the estates and massif with all the information about them. With Agricultural Map you can prepare contours of the massifs when applying for subsidy and participating in land agreements. 


Documents is an online solution for creating digital archive of documents with full information about contracts, land and lessors. With the system, you can quickly and accurately create documents for the administrative authority, calculate rent and track paid and remaining amounts or goods. Helps with calculating dividends.


Application for reporting all resources, needed for work. You can track every crop from sowing to harvesting production. Gives all the information needed for calculating cost price of the production.


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